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Thursday, August 26, 2010

McDonalds New "Story Book Dolls" Collection 2010

(photo from ebay)
I am collecting the sets.
I have The Mad Hatter so far. I need Alice to go with him.
you can buy theses for $1.00 just ask them
you may have to hunt the different stores weekly
or daily for them. ** Well now they are charging more for the dolls with out a meal purchase..about $1.79 now bummer!
I now have Hensel & Gretel, Prince Chaming and Cinderlla.
Just a 3 more to go.

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  1. Hi Chris! Thanks for visiting my blog:)

    I'm enjoying looking through your blog, You have a lot of fantastic ideas! I love the Tide Box!
    But really wanted to comment on the Mini Madame Alexander Dolls. I have some too.. in both sizes. My Mom had picked up a few real ones when i was younger, and now I put away the ones I get from McDs... So does my Mom now that I think about it... Just wanted to say that it was nice to see someone else appreciates them, too:)