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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A wedding box gift for my son's wedding!

This was made for my son & daughter in law's wedding yesterday. The wedding was Black & white and touch of red. I made the tree, gift bags to match the the scrapbook paper on the walls. 3 differnt layers if you can see them. I added their picture on the table. My dear friend Cheryl helped me too she made the table, bow on top and the cake was repainted wedding place card holder from Hobby Lobby.

this is the finished project with the rings and the dove added on top.

There is a music box hidden under the table.


  1. This is absolutely beautyful and so elegant! What a nice idea also with the music-box! Congratulations and may they be blessed and very very happy!

  2. The scene is beautiful Chris, an unforgettable gift!

  3. Chris what a lovely box - a beautiful momento of their special day, with the music box as a wonderful surprise. I'm sure they'll play it on their anniversaries and other times as well. I wish God's blessings on their union as they face a future together. May they lean on Him as they travel the ups and downs that the road will surely bring, and find happiness as they do so.