My Doll House Minature projects

Saturday, October 15, 2011

I don't like blogger's picture format!!!!

I don't like the new way the pictures are shown when you click on them.
We used to get nice big details iin the pictures. I wish they would change it back.
What do you think of it?


  1. hello!! i agree totally and had been thinking of asking ,too! Perhaps some mini-friend might know what to cklick on to get them bigger??? Kindest Greetings, Anne

  2. I agree too! many details are lost with this new method ... I am very angry, but I do not know how to solve ..
    kisses, Caterina

  3. Estoy de acuerdo con usted. En las miniaturas lo interesante es ver los pequeños detalles que con este formato no se pueden apreciar.
    Por favor si alguien le da la solución, le agradecería nos informase. Un saludo, Eva

  4. SOLVED!! I saw that there is a small link on the left side when you click on the picture click on it!! BIG picture comes up!!!