My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My "Merry Mini Christmas" in a Gift Box!

I built this out of foam core about 2 years ago..

TADA!  finally done.
A Christmas room with a light.
First bow I ever made!
Click on the pic it to make it bigger and click on it again even bigger!  

Without the top on it.
The door and windows are printies!


  1. It is a very beautiful Christmas scene. The idea to make a gift box is a super good idea. Very well done.

  2. So holiday looking; very nicely done. Great idea on the window/door printies.

  3. Very nice...very nice.
    Just checking back for any new items you may have posted.
    I left a note of invitation in the comment section on one of your past posts’ and invited you to follow my blog. Just in case it was accidently overlooked, just want you to know the invitation is still very much valid…and of course, I am already following your blog.
    P.S. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.