My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A group project

We, a small group of  5 ladies decided to make a living room from a picture but we can make it how we want it, one window 2 windows, no windows...first we all get a box, wall paper it, add a chair and a fireplace and a rug or carpet the rest of the items we would swap to fill it.
Here's mine!
 I made the candle sticks for the group (but I made mine with globes) a  magazines and supplied a newspaper,
 Wanita made each of us a crocheted afghan to the color requested,
 Yvonne  made each of us flower arrangement and a pillow for our chair/ colored requested , and Cheryl P. made us a small coffee table, and
Sue  gave us a rug not shown here, I will save if for another  project and then
 Hannah promised us a hand drawn colored pencil picture of our choice but she was sick and didn't get to the meeting.
  I originally had a purple theme colors but didn't like how it looked with the blue jean back to finding another box... The one I really like!
You can see the before and after pics see up close, click on the pic.
When we all get ours all completed I will post them all on my "Friends Through Miniatures Blog". You can visit the page look to the right on my blog near the top and see the invite to visit us!


 Here's the pretty afghan  by Wanita & pillow by Yvonne.
 A craft magazine which
I miniaturized. It's Yvonne's new book
she published, titled
" Faith Filled Family Crafts" on the coffee table
and a news paper on the chair.

I made a new top on fire place to be a corner fit.
here's the candles. I used globes for mine and the
pretty flower arrangement by Yvonne!!


  1. I like your renewal of the room. Very cozy.
    Hug, Faby

  2. Una bella scena, ricca di dettagli e molto reale!Un caro saluto.

  3. it is so cute can you please share how you made the globes I understand if it's a secret


  4. I bought the globes real glass from my friend.

  5. My Dear Chris, I see give away projects in the future using my boxes like this. I purchased several and now I know a better way to use them. Thank you for sharing. This box is awesome! You do great work.