My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Sunday, August 10, 2014

From trashy to Shabby!!

This room box was very trashy when I got it! 
 Ripped up wallpaper and lots of glue
 under it.. took a lot of scrubbing then....
from this
to this.....
TO THIS!!!!!!  
My Shabby Chic Bathroom!  

Left side:
I filled the shelf with goodies I made except the green set
 I got that in a swap I made the trash can from a spray bottle top.
 I made the window from popsicle sticks.
The floor is scrapbook paper the wallpaper is from a friend
 I think is real wallpaper.
Right side:
repainted some scrapbook sticker alphas and framed
 them on scrapbook paper and edged with gold paint
I made the towels, rug, gift bag.
The tub from the Dollar tree was plain gold tannish color,
 I repainted it and  added gold feet.
The bottle filled with tiny beads is from Dollar Tree also.
The pretty little basket made by a friend in a swap by Dee Gadway
Slippers from a swap 

View from top
there is no wooden pink braid trim on the
top I forgot to take it off!!
made from wine wire cage

 my friend Cheryl Lee gave me the jar. I filled
 it with my tiny seashells.  
I made the shelf, bottles and wreath.
 I had a real tiny star fish

Close up


  1. Oh Chris, it's great! Love the fresh colours and all the little bits and pieces, specially the shelf with the starfish!

  2. I love shabby chic and this bathroom is wonderfully chic...Great job!

  3. Very pretty bathroom, with the little bits and pieces, the floor is gorgeous, I was tempted to go hexagonal in my mini bathroom. I love how you did the bubble bath!

    Sarah :)