My Doll House Minature projects

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Diner backside and the counter I made!

I forgot to add this picture of the outside
done in scrapbook paper.
I made the counter for the back wall
The counter :
foam core, matt board cupboards spray painted in silver high gloss paint,
 wood dowels for door handles and a nice large 8X8 piece of Duck tape
 I found at Joann's for the top.
You can't see the bottom but I covered it with a silver metal tape under the toe area too.
A few of the items show I got from a diner sale on Facebook!
I really got a lot of stuff that all won't fit in but I'll do my best  !


  1. Chris this look great! Love the counter and props. I cant believe you did this so quickly!

    1. LOL I never do anything quickly!! You probably know that too !! :))

  2. Love how you used simple, common store items such as duct tape and foam core. :)