My Doll House Minature projects

Friday, December 5, 2014

more Christmas trees and some gifts!!

From this mess to..
(I started to look at the things I had in my stash.
I started with garland, beads & trees)
to this!!!

I felt inspired to make the Blue one first
 because I had already started it!!
then the silver one and then my favorite
 the Red, White and Blue!

 I found blocks of wood and made some gifts!!!
I used garland that rolled nicely with the wire
in it for a cute bow!
The silver box one is a multi color
chenille stem wound up for a bow.
These have found a new home under a tiny tree in Florida!
A FB friend and I did a swap I get a garden shelf. she made
As soon as it arrives I will post it!


  1. I love your Christmas trees, and it's a good idea make gifts with wood, so beautiful! Hugs.