My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was in Kenya, Africa!!

No this is not mini's part of the "more" on my blog!
YES!!!  I took my first oversea missions trip to Kenya, Africa for 10 days with a fantastic leader and group of folks. Our team S.T.A.R. Kenya started out from my church in Olean, NY and we had 3 more folks join us one from Georgia and two from Florida. it was to help out at an orphanage where they bring in children have been found begging on the streets because either one or more of  their parents have dies of AIDS and have no means  care. Much poverty and death from AIDS.
   The Orphanage is "Quest for Happiness" where a pastor and his wife laid down their lives to help orphaned children. There are 40 healthy kids being fed, schooled and clothed.
We built desks, cabinets for the class rooms, sorted the kids clothes so they each had their own in a bin or suit case and brought them toys, made a tether ball set, played with them, taught some fun crafts, sang with them and sponsored many of them!!!
We loved to hear them sing!!!
What a joy and what a heartbreak when we left. I hope I will see them again!
This little girl,  Salome... that stole my heart!!!
She's our daughter in Kenya

The children would gather by the flag pole and sing  worship songs
before class WOW!  can they sing!
Blogger won't let me up load the video too large wish I could share it with you!  
the front sign
kids loved to play with the tires.
We got them sunglasses and hey loved them!
The kids with longer hair are not orphans but come to school there.

                                         working on the new monument placement and garden
the monument before and the flag pole behind it
                                             How it looked and the new pole moved too

   Tether ball fun
building desk I helped with a few nails 
kids carried them to the class rooms!
The children pray!
I was so blessed to be apart of this outreach!!!




  1. What a blessed opportunity! I have never been on a mission trip and I always wondered how the areas are chosen. Several groups go to Kenya. Is there a special reason that is chosen over some of the other countries?

    1. Yes we went to Kenya because my friend and elder at our church started a Bible school there and then the orphanage grew out of a relationship she had with the pastor and wife that she was helping do a feeding ministry outreach for children begging on the streets and it grew into an orphanage! :)