My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I got a new toy, I got a new toy, I got a new toy!!

My early 65th birthday present from my hubby!
Cricut-Explore One!
 I bought a Bluetooth adaptor
for it to make it wireless.
 I saw it n HSN and had to have it!
 I wanted to learn to do some miniatures
 like lettering for little signs for shops.
top side
side of the box
The machine!!
see on the side the grey pocket or cup? It holds
Cricut pens because it can WRITE too!
but it will hold others too if I shop for the right sized ones.
It will even copy my own handwriting!
So it works off my computer as well as cartridges.
 BUT the thing that sold me was I can CHOOSE
whatever I want to use and upload it into
  Cricut Design Space !!
see what it is like:
a place for my tools
it cuts almost anything!!!
paper, cardstock light weight or heavy,
chipboard, adhesive cork board, magnet sheets,
fabric, iron on, felt and duck tape
to name a few. Oh, even foam sheets!

here's the dial and has a custom
selection which entails a long list of things.
Here's what I did in the adhesive vinyl
for my first project.
I put my name on my cute pink tool case!
 I used a font (dingbat) that I uploaded in to the
Circuit Design Space for the butterfly!
I torn off the tiny antennas because I didn't take it off right
but they were as thin as a hair!
This thing cuts fine details!!
Here's what I made with foiled cardstock
added a thin magnet to the back of the big one.
 The two are the same only I resized it and did a
tiny one it's only 1inch wide and the big one
wing to wing is 4 inches across !
(click on this pic it to see the little better)
here's some lettering I did for a poster
 project in vinyl
these are big letter maybe 2 inches wide
...didn't measure them.
So if you want to see one in action
go to youtube and
type in  Cricut Explore One Tutorials!!
There are many others
Cricut machines too like Explore Air and etc..  
It's awesome can't wait to do minis with it
and I will post it when I do!!!!
wooo hoo!!!    
Have a blessed day!



  1. Awesome Chris! Love the butterfly's. You are very clever! I've got one of these, never been out of the box, can't figure it out.

    1. Yes you can Susan!! Go to youtube and click on the Cricut Explore One tuts!! Find an easy one to follow along with!!

  2. I can see you are going to have lots of fun, Chris, with your new toy. Great early birthday present.

  3. yes Linda!! I am hoping to learn fast to make some cute minis!!! <3 thanks for the comment!!

  4. Oh my! I had know idea Cricuts had mini applications - thought they were just for card making, etc. Eager to see what you do with it!! I might just have to have one more toy! And my birthday is next month :o)

    Haven't followed your blog in quite a while, but I'm baking waiting for mini Cricuit creations!

    God bless, Cindy in San Diego

    1. yes, Cindy it can cut so many things n so many sizes even thin balsa wood..not tried it yet...

      I saw someone on Face book make a small non"folding" chair she cut out all the slats for it on her Cricut.

      I know I can print and cut so the first thing I thought was signs, lettering for store fronts which I need for my tea Shop!! so I have not done that yet but I have done posters here's a sample for our fund raiser garage sale. all the lettering was done on Cricut except the words "spring up o' well" I traced them from bought lettering that punch out.

      Hope I can do something soon but summer has been busy!

      Thanks for the comments stay tuned!! :)


  5. What a great toy it is too, the little cards you made using it are lovely.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my suitcase tutorial, hope your group finds it's fun, and I would love to see your suitcases if you go ahead :)