My Doll House Minature projects

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My $ 1.00 yard sale find!!

Only a dollar!! Oh yes, just what I have been looking for!!
A lamp to make a mini scene inside!

it's ready for a new mini scene what will it be???


  1. That looks wonderfull! Lucky you, and the light already there...! Many greetings, anne

  2. Very cool! Any idea of what you are going to put in it? You could always change it with the seasons

  3. Hi Chris...I just joined to follow your Blog. I too am a Christian. This lamp idea is amazing. At least about 6 or 7 years ago I made one for my granddaughter 's birthday. However I bought the base, it was very expensive, by the time I finished it the cost was well over $100.00 even though I made the display myself and it was not very expensive at all. But then I did not mind we only have one granddaughter and she is truly a sweetheart. That is not just a grandmother speaking(-: Grace

  4. Grace I would love to see a picture!!! Please send me one. I bet it's just beautiful!!