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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Patio scene

This was made from a wedding card holder from Joanne Fabrics. I got it 40% off and just had to make a patio. My dear friend Cheryl L. gave me some plant stands and and wicker pole lamp accessories and she also made me the cute humming bird feeder and wind chime at the top. Chery P. made the wonderful trellis from chopsticks, I purchased the table set and made the cushions. The flowers are mostly from Bright delights.

Oh It's a beautiful sunny day and Carol is patiently waiting for her friend Annie to come and have some light treats and give her a birthday gift that she purchased on her lunch break. She wants to share with her the newest Miniatue magazine from Am. Miniaturist!
Ok, where is she? Late...again? As usual but at least Carol got to enjoy the pretty flowers, birds and butterflies that filled the patio and now it's getting late and she has to get back to work. She hopes Annie shows up really soon!
Carol agrees to posed for me while she waits so I can try out my new camera! Enjoy!
Click on the picture see more details!!


  1. Es una escena adorable, sus trabajos me gustan muchísimo.
    un abrazo

  2. que linda escena, apetece tomar esta limonada sentada en este patio.
    Felicidades por el trabajo.
    un abrazo.

  3. Chris, this is a really summery scene - you have lots of lovely details in it, and everything is very inviting. If Carol's friend doesn't arrive soon I might just pop in instead. Hugs, Sandie

  4. Beautiful!! Love the colors!

  5. Thank you everyone I really enjoyed making this one.. so easy too! my freinds made it beautiful too by gifting me some of the items!

  6. Chris
    Such a beautiful scene! Very well done

  7. Your scene is wonderful. All the details are great. I love it. :) Hugs Maria