My Doll House Minature projects

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My doll collection so far

Click on the pic to see more details
I am missing 2 more FP doll they are packed away with a project.
Still have about 3-4 resin doll on back order yet. I just love these dolls!

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  1. Hi Chris P.,
    Thank you for joining my blog and I love the color and texture contrast on yours. It is very beautiful. I am still new to blogging and my design sense has not fully developed yet. We DO have the same dolls. LOL. I just love them and they are getting better in design with each new one that comes out. When I saw the seated ones, I knew I had to have them for the bakery. I love viewing your pictures and the other members in Tanya's group, and she is a very clever and creative person! Thank you for the invite to your blog and I love it that you share your faith with others.