My Doll House Minature projects

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My new doll haul!!

I got them for Christmas it's a late order but they are here and more on back order!
Click on the pic to see more details!!


  1. o, how nice! looks like a happy big family!! and Santas...wonderful!!

  2. Hiciste una buena compra, son muchos y me gustan:)
    Un abrazo

    1. Nice "doll haul", Chris! You almost have an entire town! These dolls have really nice poses and don't they sit well in the chairs? I look forward to seeing how you will use them all. I saw in another blog,( Joanne's Mini's, I think), where she re-painted the older gentleman to give him a dress suit and a white button down shirt to make him more formal. It was perfect for the scene she used him in. What fun this hobby is! So many ways to approach a project and make it special.