My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Kids in the Woods !!

 I saw someone who made something like this

 and I had to make one too. I love how it came out!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

 I made a Farmhouse laundry room after seeing 

a real one on the internet!

I used a photo box  

I used vinyl for the words Wash and Dry

The signs were from the internet

I made the hamper from a ribbon tube roll
 the shelf in between is from a game Break the Ice ,
 the ironing board, mop, laundry box printables 
and baby wash cloths for towels.


Saturday, February 27, 2021

 I got a great book on how to make miniatures on my Cricut!! 

It's called Making miniatures with a Cricut Maker byLisa Sones -Peck

She is on facebook too and Youtube  

I do not have a Cricut maker but I have an Explor Air Cricut and it works fine

except I can not cut the thicker chipboard as in the book but I have cut layers

 of poster board for the bookcase and used white Kraft cardstock for the frame and

 herb box next I will make the toy box!! 

                            My  first project is a matted frame I placed mine
 is on her page showing " how to"
 my bird stamp is crooked  :) oh well try again
Next I did a bookcase  mine is on the right on top of her book cover !

                     Herb Box hers is on the book cover on the  right 


Friday, January 15, 2021

            I made 2 memory boxes one for my DIL                           and one for her mom !                                   This one is for her mom 

( I made this second and her mom wanted

  one just like hers below so they looks the same ) 

                                                    This one was for my DIL 


Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A memory room box - My mom's sewing room

 As a child I remember my mom's sewing corner in a bedroom area.
The floors were dark tile and the walls were light green
My mom had an old treadle Singer sewing machine.
The fabric she's sewing is the dresses she made for
 me and my younger sister.
It was a red strip material one of my favorite dresses.
On the right wall is her favorite prayer.
The Serenity prayer and her picture is next to it.
On the left wall is a pair of her cameo earrings and
 a picture of flower in purple.  She used to grow violets.
These are pansies but it represents the color she loved.
She had a big snake plant that was on the living room table.
She also crocheted some.. see the basket on the floor and maybe  knitted too I think..
I remember she wore the thimble on her finger see the waste basket. her favorite fragrance was Lily of the Valley. 

She was such a very good, very loving, very sweet, 
very thoughtful, very generous
 and humorous mom! 
 I sure do miss her! đź’•

the waste basket thimble hard to see 
by the left side of the sewing machine 

Monday, October 22, 2018

In memory of 2 dear friends Yvonne & Cheryl

 A memory corner room scene
 Our mini group now only three of us are left
because  two dear friends passed away
and  one has left the group .

  Our group each made a memory box  in memory 
 of dear friends Cheryl Passino and Yvonne Lord 
Cheryl Lee had the idea to do theses using a corner box 
that Cheryl Passino had made and given to us.
We each made our own using whatever 
we had from the ladies. 
Something they made for us or something
 we remember them by. 

This is mine 
I made the photos for all of our corner rooms. 
The one on  the right is Cheryl Passino, 
the group pic is in the middle 
and the other is Yvonne Lord.

We each had a dollhouse inside to represent that's
 how we all met. 
* Click on the pics to see up close *

 I added the fall flowers because
 Cheryl Passino showed us how to color them. 

The backside

Cheryl Passino / the group /  Yvonne Lord 
The tea set on the shelf set represents Cheryl's love of tea. 
She loved to drink her teat and also collected 
  miniature tea sets in all sizes 
which she displayed in her home.
The other shelf represents Yvonne's love 
for making teddy bears.
She also had a passion for real flowers and
 miniature ones.
 this is one she made or me. 
The Bible is her love for the  Word of God
 and that she taught Children's Sunday school.   

This side represents Cheryl's love of making miniature from wood 
She made me the wooden little chair that the felted pumpkin 
is on she also make that. 
She loved making them and made many!
The pot of Pansies was her favorite flower
 and the little cat was her Callie
who she loved! 
Under the table are tiny issues
 of the American Miniature magazines
 which we all enjoyed getting.
Here are the things Yvonne made. 
The adorable teddy bear, the crocheted dress on the doll 
the tiny Pillow from a hanky and the little 
doggie represents her "Buddy "
and the crocheted rug she also made
She had a real talent in crocheting very small
 things which are not shown. 
The book in the back is a craft book she published 
"Family Crafts "
she was very talented lady! 

They are sadly missed we always had such fun together! :( 

Here's is Cheryl L's  Memory corner room box
she has added many things for each lady.