My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3 D printing !!

Check this website out if you think you might want do this or have it done...
maybe you can benefit from 3D printing custom replacement parts or even custom model designs using the Shapeways marketplace. See the possibilities of 3D printing models, especially when you can print using a variety of materials, including metal and porcelain!

Friday, June 26, 2015

A few non mini things...

I made a few more things on my Cricut.
My first  birthday card for a mini friend and a lovely little box for my 12 year old granddaughter who loves music and plays the flute.  
Just having fun and the little birthday words cut out so nice this will be the idea for making tiny minis sigs! 
I made a dad's folding card popout but I messed it up so it's all glued down,  but the glue I had didn't stick well Oh and learn!  I just love butterflies so I just did a simple one!


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I got a new toy, I got a new toy, I got a new toy!!

My early 65th birthday present from my hubby!
Cricut-Explore One!
 I bought a Bluetooth adaptor
for it to make it wireless.
 I saw it n HSN and had to have it!
 I wanted to learn to do some miniatures
 like lettering for little signs for shops.
top side
side of the box
The machine!!
see on the side the grey pocket or cup? It holds
Cricut pens because it can WRITE too!
but it will hold others too if I shop for the right sized ones.
It will even copy my own handwriting!
So it works off my computer as well as cartridges.
 BUT the thing that sold me was I can CHOOSE
whatever I want to use and upload it into
  Cricut Design Space !!
see what it is like:
a place for my tools
it cuts almost anything!!!
paper, cardstock light weight or heavy,
chipboard, adhesive cork board, magnet sheets,
fabric, iron on, felt and duck tape
to name a few. Oh, even foam sheets!

here's the dial and has a custom
selection which entails a long list of things.
Here's what I did in the adhesive vinyl
for my first project.
I put my name on my cute pink tool case!
 I used a font (dingbat) that I uploaded in to the
Circuit Design Space for the butterfly!
I torn off the tiny antennas because I didn't take it off right
but they were as thin as a hair!
This thing cuts fine details!!
Here's what I made with foiled cardstock
added a thin magnet to the back of the big one.
 The two are the same only I resized it and did a
tiny one it's only 1inch wide and the big one
wing to wing is 4 inches across !
(click on this pic it to see the little better)
here's some lettering I did for a poster
 project in vinyl
these are big letter maybe 2 inches wide
...didn't measure them.
So if you want to see one in action
go to youtube and
type in  Cricut Explore One Tutorials!!
There are many others
Cricut machines too like Explore Air and etc..  
It's awesome can't wait to do minis with it
and I will post it when I do!!!!
wooo hoo!!!    
Have a blessed day!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Any Guesses?

I got these from a friend.
 Can you guess what will make with them??

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A 50 cent tea pot UPDATED!!!

 From  butterfly flower arrangement to a 
 table and Tea set!


 I painted the base and the top!
I like it much better now!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Reading Nook in a book!

This is the back of the book box.
I forgot to take one of the front
 but it look the same on both sides!
This is the front with a window and flower box
See the little birdie sitting on top?
this was before...
 with a different man and no window
I was trying to figure how
far I should extend the floor
The final finished book box
Reading Nook!
Wallpapered and carpeted!
close up 
Curtains I made with the Pretty Pleater! 

I cut the picture out of a calendar
I hope you enjoyed my little
Reading Nook!!



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A quick project

I  have been cleaning for days and days and organizing
 my crafts room. I was getting tired of it when 
I saw the wooden letters  I bought on sale and it reminded me
 of why I had them.
  I took a break and made this.
I had to stack the letter because they don't
make the thick wooden kind any more.
They are a bit uneven but it worked
 out and I am happy with the results!

Here's what inspired me! I don't know who made this
but if I find out I will give credit! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was in Kenya, Africa!!

No this is not mini's part of the "more" on my blog!
YES!!!  I took my first oversea missions trip to Kenya, Africa for 10 days with a fantastic leader and group of folks. Our team S.T.A.R. Kenya started out from my church in Olean, NY and we had 3 more folks join us one from Georgia and two from Florida. it was to help out at an orphanage where they bring in children have been found begging on the streets because either one or more of  their parents have dies of AIDS and have no means  care. Much poverty and death from AIDS.
   The Orphanage is "Quest for Happiness" where a pastor and his wife laid down their lives to help orphaned children. There are 40 healthy kids being fed, schooled and clothed.
We built desks, cabinets for the class rooms, sorted the kids clothes so they each had their own in a bin or suit case and brought them toys, made a tether ball set, played with them, taught some fun crafts, sang with them and sponsored many of them!!!
We loved to hear them sing!!!
What a joy and what a heartbreak when we left. I hope I will see them again!
This little girl,  Salome... that stole my heart!!!
She's our daughter in Kenya

The children would gather by the flag pole and sing  worship songs
before class WOW!  can they sing!
Blogger won't let me up load the video too large wish I could share it with you!  
the front sign
kids loved to play with the tires.
We got them sunglasses and hey loved them!
The kids with longer hair are not orphans but come to school there.

                                         working on the new monument placement and garden
the monument before and the flag pole behind it
                                             How it looked and the new pole moved too

   Tether ball fun
building desk I helped with a few nails 
kids carried them to the class rooms!
The children pray!
I was so blessed to be apart of this outreach!!!



Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

God is good all the time!
Let the New Year begin!
God bless all my followers with many
blessings and good health!