My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I am soooo blessed!!

My friend who gave me the Christmas house also gifted me
 great gifts that she made!
She is incredibly talented!!
Gingerbread man prep board and
Hot coca in glass mugs!!

Assorted gifts for the house, a wreath, a tree card holder
 made from 2 buttons,
A lantern, a ceramic house a bell and 2 pots

and the CUTEST Santa lamp!!
See the lamp and card tree?
The couch Santa's sitting on she also gave me.
I may use the prep board somewhere else and find more
 places for the box of assorted gifts.

Monday, December 22, 2014

what my dear friend gave me!!!

My friend Cheryl knew I wanted a Christmas house
 I always loved hers
and what does she do?? She gave it to me!
I am sooo excited she does awesome work !
she built the whole house and decorated it !
click on the pic  to see more details
inside I added a few things most everything on the
walls and shelves was already there

I am going to change a lot
of this furniture soon
oops I see the Santa figurine by the door fell over!!
Mrs. Santa Clause bringing the cookie late

        I added the toys upstairs
right side

left side

love all the snow, garland and wreaths!
 Icicles, candles in the windows flower boxes with poinsettias!

Merry Christmas
see Santa's hat on top??

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A tree sent to my friend !!

Susan's son Jacob
serves in the army so I had to send this to her
She is unable to mini because they
selling her home so Susan has to pack it all away for now.
all the presents were sent too! :)
Merry red, white and blue
 mini Christmas !!

Friday, December 5, 2014

more Christmas trees and some gifts!!

From this mess to..
(I started to look at the things I had in my stash.
I started with garland, beads & trees)
to this!!!

I felt inspired to make the Blue one first
 because I had already started it!!
then the silver one and then my favorite
 the Red, White and Blue!

 I found blocks of wood and made some gifts!!!
I used garland that rolled nicely with the wire
in it for a cute bow!
The silver box one is a multi color
chenille stem wound up for a bow.
These have found a new home under a tiny tree in Florida!
A FB friend and I did a swap I get a garden shelf. she made
As soon as it arrives I will post it!

$ tree Christmas village in a jar

I  put a church, a tree, a bench and
 2 lamp posts in a jar.
I added Epson salts for snow.
There's a lot of ideas for a winter
scene in a jar on Pinterest!  
I think I will add a ribbon around the top cap.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Christmas trees!!

 My trees that I have posted before
but here are all of them together.
 My newest one is the white and gold!

my newest one
I made today!

Friday, November 7, 2014

A Christmas cardbord box and tut

Getting ready for the big day!!
I made this box today

Side view

back view
TUT:  Here's what I used to make it
I traced the box on thin cardboard added
tabs on the side and extended the top for flaps
I used this small box, traced the base, the sides and
added tabs and extended the top for flaps.
Added the words on the box
Then scored all fold lines, folded it, glued it
and then all filled it with the Christmas decorations

keep the bottom on the outside  all the time you trace
 it for an even box

click the pic to see the typed instructions


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

VOTE today

Our Freedom was won by bloodshed
it won't cost you but a small part
 of your day...
 go vote!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

The Clock Shop and the Story

I have a story to tell..
I always wanted a grand father clock top or bonnet
 as I heard it referred to.
And I found one at a yard sale last year! 
It  was a cheap battery operated clock and had a cabinet with the pendulum in it and was marked $25.00
I was looking at it and the man selling
 it asked "Do you want it? $20.00"
Yes I want it!! So here it is. 
I began to collect miniature clocks.
 I bought some and I made some.
 This sat in my craft room for  almost a year
 and I was frustrated with trying to make it like
  I thought it should look
 but I was unhappy.
So I asked my talented friend Cheryl Lee
and hired  her to do the shop for me.
 I supplied her with all I had the furniture, clock,
the doll and wallpaper.
The wallpaper I chose wasn't very good,
so I said do as you want however you would
 do it for yourself!
She did a marvelous, awesome job!
I told her the name of the shop. She chose
the lettering for it very nice gold fancy ones!

The Name of the shop "In His Time"
is from a bible verse
"He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. "
Full view on base

Clock on the base. I took off the cabinet it was on.

Over view

The shop is Open come on in and bring your broken clocks
 Walter is able to fix them for you!

See the date on the calendar?
 that's when I picked up the clock from my friend.
She's adds such great details!
Look at the tiny real watch parts she placed on the shelf!
click on the pic to see up close.

Center view
Cheryl build the shelves on the
 left and hutch  in the middle!

This is a clock box she added to my surprise
 and even put a clock kit inside!!
 She added stamps, cut out pictures and
even added straw for packing!  
  the clock kit over view so cool!
see all the details??

The top was cut off from the kit's box it came
 in and put on for the lid!! I love the details. 

Left side
  lots more clocks, his lunch pail and thermos.

Walter's sign

there's a real working clock too the tall
one I just need a battery for it.

The watch case with watches and pocket watches for sale.
Walter has sold quiet a few now, time to reorder and stock up!
Tiger the cat  just got a mouse!
(I named him that in memory of Cheryl's little buddy)
There's another one!  Oh my he'll have feast today!
wonder if Walter knows his cheese is on the floor?
box full of used clocks for sale,
oh no, do I spot another mouse??

More clocks to fix in the corner

shop without clock kit box
in the center . 

Well Walter sees it's time to get to
work on the clock for a very special costumer.
I hope you enjoy the story and tour of Walter's clock shop.
The story behind the story
My hubby is "Walter! "
 He always hated the idea that every time
I wanted to purchase a used
 clock to gut it and use for a miniature shop
he and tell me "NO, don't destroy that clock!"
One time I bought a clock on EBay and I sold one to him
 because he pleaded me not to destroy it..
He said it's a shame to ruin such a beautiful clock.
 I said "OK, OK!", if I can't gut it then I will sell it to you"
 ( I even gave him a discount!)
So when he ok-ed this clock for my project
 I just had to make it in his honor.
He has a thing for nice clocks. 
Walter repairs a lot of things  around here
but not usually clocks but he has fixed a few.
We have lots of clocks around here and some of them
 are those he would not let me use.
So this clock shop is dedicated to my hubby with love!
I am glad I took "time and waited" to find this clock
because of all the clocks I saw
 this was the best
clock for this project!
 All things are beautiful
 "In His Time!!! "