My Doll House Miniature Projects

My Doll House Miniature Projects
My Doll House Miniature Projects

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Mom's All American Diner" Grand Opening!!!!

WELCOME!!!!   Come on in!!!!!

welcome hope you're hungry
we have a full house today!!!  

click the pic to see it larger

I made the counter from (foamcore and silver spray paint
 and topped it with shiny ribbed duckt tape) 
and  the hamburger and hotdog rolls under the pastry box,
 the egg and sausage on the grill,
the butter and toast in the toaster and the sundae.
 My friends helped me add the diner by buying me things for my birthday
like the pie slices in the pastry display case and the Milkshake clock above the booths. 
I also purchased a lot of things from a friend who had
a sale on her diner minis on Facebook 
behind  the counter

food ready to eat.. come and get it!

I made the bench a long time ago the coke machine I got a Walmart a few years ago
The gentleman are waiting for the city bus.
mom and daughter coming for some breakfast which is served all day!

over view

I switched sides for the machine and bench because
 can't decide what side to use!!!

I made the Mom's diner clock from a picture
Juke box really PLAYS and sings 6 songs
 from the fifties
It's a Christmas ornament!!
to see it on youtube click here
a sample of two songs and a tour of the place! :)

above the door posters cut out from scrapbook paper
I printed the exit sign from the computer.

back wall posters and counter the mirrored poster is a gift.
I put the words on the chalk board I found on the internet
 with my graphics program ! 

cash drawer full,  making big bucks today!!!

gentleman paying his bill

Mrs. Sherwood makes the greatest
(all American)
 Apple pies
 it's ready to go into the display case.

Here is Mrs. Sherwood before my dear talented friend
Cheryl Lee repainted her in uniform!! Awesome huh???
Hope you enjoyed the tour and please come in
 and have some Apple Pie and hot brewed coffee!!


  1. Wow! This is awesome! Every little detail is perfect! I can't wait to see you video if you get it uploaded! :)

    1. thank you so much this is one of my most favorite projects yet!!! Yes I have to redo the video and get it posted

  2. Wonderful! The details are perfect.

  3. Chris this is absolutely fantastic! You pulled it together to quickly and so well!

    1. Thank you grandmommy, it didn't take me too long like most of my projects do! I am very pleased with this one :-)

  4. Thank you Fabiola! I enjoyed collecting my diner minis for this project!!

  5. it's wonderful. i be so amazed with other miniaturist work. i just love all the little details.

  6. Thank you Shirley, I saved minis for this for about a year!!! :)

  7. Greetings!
    What a stunning creation youve made, the details are just gorgous and the nostalgia of this piece is truly perfect!


  8. wonderful job, so many details!!!!